Inspiration can be in different forms, even in the amorphous ways that you least expect. Calmness can also be created similarly without any solid product or scenery if you have the right people around you. When referring to the others, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your relatives or friends; it could also be artists and sportsmen. Movies have always been one of the largest sources of inspiration for people, and it continues to be the same for every generation. It is the moving images on the screen that evoke emotions in the viewers, leading to more relaxation and happiness.

Creators, including Clint Eastwood and Damien Chazelle, have forayed into the world of jazz to inspire and promote the genre for sustenance. While Damien brought the theme in La La Land as an attempt to remind the audience of the brilliance of the music. He took a different approach to the same genre in Whiplash. Several such filmmakers have tried their best to project their understanding of jazz on the big screen. Let us look at some of the jazz movies that are a must-watch.

1.      Bird

The love for jazz is always evident in Clint Eastwood movies, and Bird is just another entry into his portfolio. He uses jazz even in Play Misty for Me to invigorate the whole room with the spirit of the genre. The movie had received rave reviews upon its release and went on to bag the best actor award at the Cannes Film Festival. ‘Bird’ is based on the real-life legend named Charlie Parker, who was an articulate artist who fell into the pit of self-destruction. Charles died at the young age of 34, but Eastwood helped in resurrecting the artist through his film.

2.      Miles Ahead

Don Cheadle was the perfect casting option for the raspy voice of Miles Davis. He also co-wrote and directed the movie to display the life of the jazz trumpeter Davis, an erratic artist of the 1950s. In the midst of the seventies, Davis had been uncontrollably addicted to pain killers. However, the struggle ended when music journalist Ewan MacGregor decided to revamp the artist by retrieving his recordings. Since Miles Davis had taken multiple liberties in jazz, purists might object to his creations.

Born to Blue

3.      Born to Blue

The talented musician Chet Baker, with his little-boy voice and great looks, garnered fans in a short time. But he also had the tendencies to be trapped in addiction to the extent of self-sabotage. Robert Budreau starts the movie with meta-references that connect to Baker’s career as a trumpeter. Ethan Hawke performs spectacularly in the movie to bring back the legend to life by teetering between sanity and the phase of humiliation and addiction. The way the facts and fiction make a perfect blend in this less banal movie, with the stellar performances, make this a must-watch for every jazz fan.