Music production is an art that not many people can excel at, but skills can always be developed to learn more about the working of the field. However, mostly none of it affects the listeners because they are there only for the feel of it. With hundreds of releases every year, making a list of the best can be quite hard. When you are searching for a compilation of the best songs in a specific genre, there are a lot of factors that you may look for. The artist’s reputation, the relevance of the song, and the appeal of the tunes are what you will consider when choosing a track. It is after you start listening that the lyrics get noticed. All these aspects, when considered collectively, can be used to create a list of the best tracks in a year. Jazz is one music genre that has a lot more potential than it has already exhibited. If you are a fan of jazz, here is a list of the best albums you must listen to.

1.      Miles Davis: Kind of Blue

This transcendent album by Miles Davis has stood the test of time and passed with flying colors to be a masterpiece everyone remembers with awe. It has been more than six decades since the release of the album led by Miles, with Cannonball Adderley and John Coltrane as saxophonists and Bill Evans as the pianist. A new musical language was created with this influential album, which turned out to be the best-selling album of all time. ‘So What’ is the key song of Kind of Blue.

John Coltrane

2.      John Coltrane: A Love Supreme

Metaphysical concerns were addressed in this album by bringing in the four-part hymn to God. A Love Supreme features John Coltrane’s musical brilliance, pianist McCoy Tyner, drummer Elvin Jones, and bassist Jimmy Garrison. The emotional intensity of the music makes it almost overwhelming. But you will always be filled with bliss to the end of the album. Every note that leads to the final chord makes for a perfect piece for the low moods.

3.      Dave Brubeck Quartet: Time Out

Dave Brubeck proved his point of jazz not needing wild tunes to be innovative, and it was the first time that an album of this genre took an unconventional turn into a massive success. The album went on to become the biggest hit in 1959 by selling over a million copies, and it is still one of the best in jazz.

Charles Mingus

4.      Charles Mingus: Mingus Ah Um

Charles Mingus was a composer and bass player, mostly known for his temper. He created a unique style in jazz with his creations that grazed through plaintive blues and gospel cadences. Mingus Ah Um was one of his biggest hits that had a political edge, which was inspired later on by many other artists and listeners to further revolutionize the space of music and politics.